Which Unix to Buy?

Bill Poitras bill at polygen.uucp
Sun Sep 2 04:16:37 AEST 1990

In article <2743 at anomaly.sbs.com> mpd at anomaly.sbs.com (Michael P. Deignan) writes:
>edevin at corwin.CCS.Northeastern.EDU (ted devin) writes:
>>	- Price
>>	  I would like to make this a economical as possible.  This is
>>	  only a minor point.  A couple hundred dollars is 'minor'.  Several
>>	  hundred to a thousand is not.
>If you think you're going to get off for a "few hundred" for a complete
>UNIX OS, then you're only kidding yourself. Most UNIX OS's (XENIX, ESIX, etc)
>run over $500 for the OS.
No, I think I wrote it wrong.  What I meant to say was different.  When I
wrote this article (by the way from a differnet Usenet site) the most 
important issue is compatibility with SYSV.  The next is price.  If one
Unix (ISC for example) is as compatible as I want, and so is AT&T even a little
more so, then I will buy AT&T only if the price difference between them is 
a few hundred dollars.  I won't buy the slightly more compatible one if 
its a few thousands dollars DIFFERENCE.  Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Also, I don't remember If I mentioned this, but my Unix must work with
	WD1006-SVR2 (RLL) controller
	Zeos 386SX Motherboard

Also I want experiences with compiling NNTP, Cnews, and a news reader.
Please include Unix type, ethernet board/TCP/IP sofware.

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