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Mon Sep 3 10:50:54 AEST 1990

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> What does the BIOS on your controller say?  I assume that the ACB-2322
> you got off the board, not the chip.
I dont ready understand this.  Since I have compaq 386, I am using BIOS
from Adaptec card instead of Compaq.
> I have a similar setup and had a lot of problems with it, but it's working
> fine now.  Are you using hard or soft sectored?  How many sectors/track?
> If it's 52, drop it to 51 and things should work ok.  Sounds like you are
> using soft sectored since it took 4 hours to low level.  Hard sectored
> goes much faster even though Adaptec suggest soft (I think).
Yes Speedstor is same company with Maxtor.  Under ISC or BIOS, I have NO
control on sectors except on translate.   Standard is 52 sectors
During ISC installation, I can change cylinders but not sectors.
How can I tell it is soft sectored or hard etc.
> Don't enable any translations.  Use the full 1632 cylinders.
Do you format with sparring sector on defected track?
> Hope this helps.  If not, send me more info and I'll try to help.
> I have an Adaptec ACB-2322B-8 controller and a Maxtor 8760E drive.
> I believe that the Speedstor drive is the same Maxtor.
I have NO doc on Adaptec but Speedstor comes with this controller.
The label on controller is:
Adaptec, Inc
ASSY 415506-01 REV C
Thank you for your time..  I am still anxious to install this
really soon.
uunet!fungus.enet.dec.com!paine or

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