ISC and adaptec controller/Speedstor AT650

Willy Paine paine at
Sat Sep 1 05:56:23 AEST 1990

Cc: paine (Willy Paine)
My Adaptec controller is labelled:
ASSY 415506-01 REV C
Low level format took me four hours.  I tried to install ISC Unix 2.2
several times include all translation enabled.   My hard drive is Speedstor
AT 650 megB and this comes with Adaptec controller that I don't have
doc on controller.  I have tried to use ROM to format, verify and enable/
disable translation.
While ISC 2.2 Install is making /usr filesystem,  I am getting:
NOTICE bad free block count in free list block on Primary AT Hard Disk
       Unit 0, partition 1.
I even tried to use only first 1023 cyclinders instead of 1623 or so.
The latest message is:
NOTICE free block count read error free list block on Primary AT Hard Disk
       Unit 0, partition 3.
I could not figure this out yet.  This error message may be wrong because
this displays very short time and then it flashs with "FATAL ERROR -
write error" on previous error message.
My email is uunet!!paine or uunet!!willyp
Thanks in advanced...
p.s. this controller and hard disk works fine with DOS but not for ISC yet.

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