Term(cap/info) problem w/ ISC (202)

Frank Kaefer fkk at stasys.sta.sub.org
Sun Sep 2 14:25:25 AEST 1990

(System: AT 386, Interactive Unix 2.0.2)

I was told that this has been discussed before, but I couldn't find old
articles on that subject (it seems they've all been killed by expire on
every system where I can read news), so I'd like to ask this question.

I have compiled several programs (e.g. Pcomm, Gnuemacs, Conquer) that
don't work correctly with a console terminal (TERM=AT386). They produce
odd outputs as if the terminfo files were partially wrong. The same
programs work as expected on a terminal using TERM h19.

Is there ANY solution to this problem ? Any hints greatly

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