How does one handle SCO Xenix products not supported under SCO UNIX?

Ray Shwake shwake at raysnec.UUCP
Wed Sep 5 03:16:48 AEST 1990

	We replaced SCO Xenix/386 on one platform with the UNIX component
of ODT 1.0. Since we don't yet have the UNIX SDS, we attempted to install
our old Xenix/386 SDS. NO GO! SCO says it is not designed for the UNIX
platform, and - if we do ever figure out how to do it - SCO won't support
it. We confirmed this problem with a similarly failed attempt to install
the SCO Xenix version of B News (we've since installed the UNIX counterpart).

	So how about it, guys and gals? Is there a reasonable sequence of
commands that might allow one to take the files on these (tar) diskettes,
run brand against it, etc. such that one can get Xenix SDS (or other
problematic packages) running under SCO UNIX?

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