Copying DOS files to SCO UNIX

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Sun Sep 2 05:25:23 AEST 1990

In article <865 at iiasa.UUCP> wnp at iiasa.UUCP (wolf paul) writes:
>In article <1635 at sixhub.UUCP> davidsen at sixhub.UUCP (bill davidsen) writes:
>)| DOS-merge is generally better than VPIX, no flame please!!

>Is it possible to run both on the same system, i.e. can they both 
>co-exist under, say, ISC 386/ix 2.2?? And if so, where does one get
>Merge for ISC?                                  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Sorry, the answer is nowhere, you can't get Locus' Merge for Interactive,
it requires a great deal of code in the kernel to support it. Locus did
the code in SCO's 3.2 kernel for Merge support. Now since VPiX is ISC's
own product I doubt very much whether they would be interested in providing
a competitor's product :-}.

Disclaimer: I don't speak for LCC.

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