Esix and serial ports

John Early jearly at lehi3b15.csee.Lehigh.EDU
Wed Sep 5 07:04:26 AEST 1990

I (finally) got my copy of Esix System 5.3.2 Rev.D last night, and I finished
the install.  Now I'm trying to get it to talk to my Hayes compatible 2400baud
modem (a Zoom) and so far I'm not having much luck.
First off, what are the devices vc01, vc02, and vc03?  There are getty's
associated with them, but to what?
Second, I have my modem connected to (what was) com2, which I assume is tty01,
so the line in /etc/inittab is:
01:23:respawn:/usr/lib/uucp/uugetty -r -t 60 tty01 2400
and in /usr/lib/uucp/Devices
ACU tty01,M - 2400 zoom
and in /usr/lib/uucp/Dailers zoom is (for the moment) identical to the Hayes
smartmodem2400 entry.
When the uugetty is exec'd the TR lights on my modem, but that is about it--
cu doesn't work.

This is my first experience with Unix, so I apologize if these questions are


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