Interactive Crashes BIG TIMES

Art Neilson art at
Mon Sep 3 06:24:51 AEST 1990

In article <9374 at ubc-cs.UUCP> rlin at (Robert Lin) writes:
>It must be my bad karma. My Interactive 386/ix, version 2.0 (yes I know it's
>old) crashed so bad that it wiped out the entire /usr file system, due to
>a rude message of something like:
>*** DEVICE ERROR: Fatal unrecoverable error reading sector 800334
>All that happened was my X-windows server froze up, forcing me to reboot
>without proper shut down. Never thought it could destory the entire /usr
>file system.
>Having just installed the entire system yesterday, installing over 50 disks,
>this really got me depressed. I was using 2.0 version of NFS and 1.1.2 of
>TCP/IP. Is this a well known problem that got fixed in release 2.2?

NO, this means absolute sector 800334 on your disk is *bad*.
If you can get your system up, do a "/etc/mkpart -A 800334" as root.
This tells ISC to remap the bad sector.  Reboot the system, and voila
the problem should be gone.  Unfortunately whatever data that was on
sector 800334 is probably history.
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