Does Microport offer Updates to its users?

Randall L. Smith randy at rls.UUCP
Sun Sep 2 03:11:13 AEST 1990

In article <863 at iiasa.UUCP>, wnp at iiasa.AT (wolf paul) writes:
> It would be REALLY USEFUL if someone OFFICIAL from MICROPORT could
> comment on all this, posting from "uport" so we know it's from the
> horse's mouth.


> We've had randy at rls say there will be no 386/3.2, chad at anasaz quoting
> Brian at Microport as saying there will be a 286/3.2, etc.

My comments were based on information I received from Peter Tostado, the
sales manager at Microport.  I'm not pretending to represent their views
but just my understanding to contribute to uor mutual growth. 

Additionally, all I care to refer to is the 386 product in this news
group.  Ah, I see somebody has generously crossposted to the unix pc
> If they are not going to offer any kind of update/upgrade path for
> owners of their 386/3.0e product, then I personally think that we
> should all forget about doing business with them.

Forgive my ignorance, and please explain the benefits of an "upgrade path"
when 4.0 will deliver all that 3.2 has and more.  If its price you're
worried about, my guess is it should be announced when the "official"
release comes out.  Just curious.


- randy

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