ISC 2.2 SL/IP throughput?

Bob Sutterfield bob at MorningStar.Com
Sat Sep 1 03:42:14 AEST 1990

In article <1990Aug29.233628.2595 at> ewv at (Eric Varsanyi) writes:
   SCO Unix (3.2.2) with the vanilla driver on a vanilla serial board

SunOS 4.0.3 on a 4/60 and a 4/110, on console serial ports

   Connection between 2 Telebit T2500's.

Connection between a TB+ and a TB2500, using PEP

   19200 hardware flow control on both sides

Same here

	        	Kb/s (reported by ftp)
   Pep			.799
   Pep/compressed	.823

We saw those sorts of numbers with vanilla SLIP.  Things improved to
around 1.0Kb/s with header-compressed SLIP.  We saw numbers like
1.3-1.5Kb/s FTP throughput when using PPP.

   Does anyone know when/if Telebit is going to put IP header
   prediction into the modems (so they don't have to turn around for
   the ACK's)?

Try using a smarter protocol, and the modems will do just fine.
Header compression helps a *lot*.

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