ESIX X386,NFS Questions

Bob Palowoda palowoda at fiver
Thu Apr 25 05:02:21 AEST 1991

Bless father for I have a few questions.    

First before the bugs does anyone have the correct install script
for ESIX devices and X386. The standard one is for ISC. Or is there
any place in the SF bay area I can download the ESIX sources version

A discription of the hardware setup.

 40Mhz cache 486 (as esix server)  <--->  33 Mhz cache 386 dos (client pcnfs)
 8meg mem                                 WD8013 ethernet
 IDE drives
 Genoa Vga
 EFS   (essh file server)
 WD8003e ether net card
 The vga is setup for 512k ram

Problem #1 When useing Xwindows the ethernet hangs up. I have tried 
disableing regions of the cache that would affect the ethernet card.
Seems to happen at random intervals after X has been loaded. I've
tested it with alot of other software running but X seems to be the 
only one the problem occurs with. 

Problem #2 What is this 50 files limit in a nfs mounted directory by
the dos pc caused by? Is there any workaround? Please don't suggest
5.4 the customer has loaded shootgun behind his desk and he's waiting
for me to mention it. 

Problem #3 Useing Clipper 5.0 accross nfs to Esix. Applications
seem to work fine until you have to reindex the database. Clipper
creates temporary files when doing so and after you exit the 
application the dbf file is truncated to zero. Is there any releation
to this and the dos int 21 (sub 42) call bug that Tillmann Basien was

Problem #4 Maybe not a problem here but when doing a           
rpcinfo on 10021 shouldn't I seen version 2 of the lock deamon?
It shows version 1.

Question #1 How much memory does motif typically use? Is it really like
driveing a car with a hole in the gas tank. Will motif work with X386?

Question #2 Does anyone have any problems with their SCSI drives locking
up with dual controllers in the system? (one esdi and one scsi).

Question #3 Has anyone tested the Furture Domain controller? What the 
throughput look like?

Question #4 Has anyone used Xvision over to an ESIX machine? In 256 colors?

Question #5 What is the best terminfo or termcap setup for Foxbase under
ESIX? (in color)

Question #6 Is there any vga cards base on TI graphics chip set that
works with Xwindows and ESIX?

Question #7 What is the selling point(s) of 5.4. Note I don't mean
the technical details nor the bug fixes.  

I am sorry for all these problems and questions of the world. 
Your penance is, rewrite the kernel from scratch.
Whewww, it could have been worse. It could have been SCO:-))


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