UIM/X product for Interactive 386

Gregory Lehman greg at Software.Mitel.COM
Wed Jan 16 05:55:47 AEST 1991


I read a product review of UIM/X in January's Unix World, and the article
mentioned that they (UIM/X) supports Interactive.  I tried calling the company,
(Visual Edge) and left several msgs, but that was useless.  It seems that
they don't sell their own product, but rather have distributors do it for
them.  (So why was their phone number listed in the article...?)

I also called Quest Systems (a distributor for them) and the salesperson
was unable to tell me if they sell the product for the ISC platform.  Kind
of like calling a Honda dealer and asking if they sell the Accord, and the
dealer replies that they don't know, they simply sell Hondas.

Anyway, does anyone know if this UIM/X product is available on the ISC 386
platform, release 2.2?  If so, thanks.


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