VPIX screw-up; please help

Tim Bray tbray at watsol.waterloo.edu
Wed Jan 23 05:48:06 AEST 1991

I have this 386 running interactive and vpix and so on, and it had a little
hard disk problem, of the fatal variety.  No problem, I re-installed unix
and vpix and so on.

Odd problem.  Whenever I finish up with VPIX and type "quit", the whole
system locks up.  Can't even switch to another VT, can't do nuthin'.  I must
have done something stupid in setting up the system, but can't think
what.  Any ideas?  I'm gettting the runaround from Interactive...

Probably not of general interest, so replies by e-mail might be smart.
Tim Bray, Open Text Systems, tbray at watsol.waterloo.edu

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