Statistical Packages

Marc Zampetti zampetti at
Thu Jun 13 00:12:22 AEST 1991

	I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but I'll
do it any way.

What I need to know is what type of statistical packages are there for UNIX.
We use SAS on a DEC running VMS a great deal and the long term plan calls
for a change to a RISC machine with UNIX( about time too). We also have
a desktop 386 that we are upgradding to a 486 that runs SCO ODT UNIX. Does
anyone know of SAS ha a UINX version either now or in the works? If not,
what other types of packages would be available. Let me say that I pesonally
don't know anything about SAS or any other Statistical package, so please
keep that in mind when you respond. Thanks.

Marc Zampetti
System Administrator
Policy Modeling Workshop
zampetti at
zampetti at

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