Hardware freaks Unite (on this one)

Curtis Yarvin cgy at cs.brown.edu
Sun Apr 21 10:20:46 AEST 1991

In article <6935 at bone13.UUCP> murphyn at motcid.UUCP (Neal P. Murphy) writes:
>Of course, I had the wild idea that one could strap two Unix-PC mother-
>boards together to create a 32-bit bus. This would probably require
>major low-level code changes, though...

"I had the wild idea that one could glue two ostriches together to create a
camel.  This would probably require major advances in adhesive technology,

"I had the wild idea that one could cut a Sun-3 in half to create two
souped-up Unix-PCs.  This would probably require extremely careful sawing,

et cetera.


"I tried living in the real world
 Instead of a shell
 But I was bored before I even began." - The Smiths

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