RS-232 throughput on Combo Card??

Marc Weinstein mhw at fithp
Sat Apr 20 17:33:38 AEST 1991

Does anyone know of a difference in throughput between the RS-232 ports
on the Combo card and the motherboard RS-232 port?

I'm running a V.42 modem at 19200, and it's currently connected to a 
Combo card RS-232 port.  I'm having some difficulties talking to a far
modem, and we're not sure whether the problem has anything to do with
the fact that it's a Combo card port.  I'm using UNIX 3.51m with hardware
flow control.

Any comments?

Marc Weinstein
{simon,royko,tellab5}!linac!fithp!mhw		Elmhurst, IL
-or- {internet host}!!fithp!mhw

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