COPS security audit and the unix pc.

Edward M. Markowski emm at iczer-1.UUCP
Sat Apr 6 11:10:02 AEST 1991

In article <1991Apr03.201214.8915 at> clewis at (Chris Lewis) writes:
|In article <563 at iczer-1.UUCP> emm at iczer-1.UUCP (Edward M. Markowski) writes:
|It's in the defs.h for B news.  However, it won't work on System V systems
|because of the way setuid/setgid programs, setuid()/setgid() and mkdir
|works.  (as in, if a setuid program calls mkdir, the directory ends up
|being owned by the real user not the effective, rnews can't write
|into it, and there's no "elegant" way around it in System V)  Which is why
|C-news goes to all of the kludgey junk for the "setnewsids" program which
|runs as setuid root to run relaynews properly.
|Bnews has no such kludge, though you could retrofit setnewsids if you wanted.

It works here.  I am have a 3B1, which is running System V I do not seem
to have that problem.
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