COPS security audit and the unix pc.

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Thu Apr 4 06:19:28 AEST 1991

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>	Is it tolerable to run B-news on the 3b1?  I am getting just a
>partial feed, and even with C-news it can take over an hour to digest a
>large day's shipment, like today's.

Depends on what you mean by "partial feed".  If your C-news takes over an
hour to unpack even a full feed, something's busted.  Are you using dbz?
My 3b1 with B-news probably takes about 10-15 minutes per day to unpack my
entire feed - perhaps about 1Mb compressed daily. On the other hand, C-news
could do the whole thing in under a minute.  I maintain both types of news systems,
so I have a pretty good idea of how both behave.

>>The real solution is to fix Kermit.  Or use HDB (where the lock directory
>>can be made world writable but not everything else)

>	Except that the HDB version from THE STORE made the lockfiles live
>in the same old place, to keep compatability with other stuff in the
>machine. :-(

Sigh.... Making Kermit run setuid (fixing some of the security holes that
may open) is a better solution.

>>Depends on how paranoid you are.

>	I don't like leaving a roadmap with a nice heavy guideline for
>potential troublemakers/trojan_horse_builders, even though one cannot
>directly dial into this system.

That's what I meant.

>	Can YOUR computer enjoy a safe sleep? :-)

Pretty well.  I don't let other people log into it and I'm running other
software to confirm and maintain security and detect security breaches.
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