HDB uucp and PCOMM

Marc Anderson andersom at spot.Colorado.EDU
Mon Apr 15 04:40:06 AEST 1991

Mabey I did something wrong, but has anyone else had problems running PCOMM
under HDB UUCP?  I compile it without problems but when I run I get

 "Bad System Call -- Core Dumped"

I then re-compiled with the '-g' flag, ran it again, same thing happened,
I ran 'SDB' and it couldn't even figure out where it crashed...  aargh!!

The READMEs say that I should set the owner of the bin to 'uucp' and set
the SETUID mode bits, and I did that each time before I ran the binary..
No luck... (ie:  chown uucp pcomm; chmod 6755 pcomm)

Any suggestions? 

Also, does anyone have suggestions as how to set up HDB unix for my external
modem/etc?  I tinkered with Devices and L-Devices but still haven't been able
to use 'cu' successfully with my external modem..  any help would be 


PLEASE, if you 'follow-up' to this article, mail a copy to 
andersom at spot.colorado.edu as well, as I don't have time to read this group
very often.... 

-marc (andersom at spot.colorado.edu)

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