Shared libraries again...

Augustine Cano afc at
Mon Apr 22 01:48:31 AEST 1991

After trying to compile transfig with both ccc and gcc -shlib and getting
redefined symbol warnings for optind, optarg, opterr, optopt and getopt,
I tried to fix the shared library once and for all.  I get "" from
osu.  After fixing a few paths in the Makefile, I almost get it to build
the new shlib.  This is the result. Should I have shlib.o? or should it be
in the new shlib package?

	ld -o newshlib  new.ifile
ld new.ifile 7: Can't open file shlib.o
ld new.ifile 13: Can't open file shlib.o
ld fatal: Error(s). No output written to newshlib
*** Error code 13


I'll summarize e-mail responses.  Thanks in advance.

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