WIN/TCP gives panic doing ftp

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Tue Feb 19 15:22:46 AEST 1991

In article <1792 at> jim at (Jim Sanchez) writes:
>I have had the WIN/TCP package and ethernet card for my 3b1 for
>about nine months now and it has had problems from day one.  I use
>it to transfer files from my DOS pc which runs FTP's TCP/IP package
>(version 2.03).  With fairly high probability when I try transfering
>files to/from the 3b1 I get a kernel panic - something about a NMI.
>This means a reboot and it pretty frustrating.  I have played around
>with the window values on the pc but going from 512 to 2048 doesn't
>seem to change anything.  Any ideas will be appreciated.  I have a
>combo card w/ram if that matters and use 3.51m version of unix.

	Very like the experience that I had, except that I knew that it
didn't have to be that way.  I had been using the ethernet card, a
floppy-tape card, and a combo card with 1.5MB of ram for a few months on my
7300. 3.51m. 1MB on the motheboard No problems.  Then I put the Icus mod
into a 3b1, and moved everything, including the disk contents, over to the
3b1.  I started getting just such panics.  A request to the net came up with
some suggestions, the most usefull of which was to make sure that the
ethernet driver was the last loaded into the system.  This reduced the
frequency of the panics, but they were still more probable than not for any
transfer longer than a short e-mail message.

	I decided to concentrate my efforts on puting the Icus mod into the
7300, and when I switched the disks back to it (they were external to the
chassis at this point, making the task easier).  I also switched back the
cards, in the same slots.  The ethernet started behaving again.  No
problems.  I still don't know why that one system gave problems, when the
other didn't.  One had 1MB on the motherboard, the other had 2MB, no other
real differences (modulo possible factory mods in the systems).

	I've got another ethernet board now, so I'm going to try it in the
3b1, and see what behavior I get there.  A third ethernet board is running
without problem in another 3b1, with 2MB ram on the motherboard.  That one
does not have either a combo card or a tape card.


	You're welcome.  
	Hope you can find another motherboard to try.
	Good Luck
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