Ready for a BIG Unix PC HD? Organizing group buy #2...

Augustine Cano afc at
Wed Feb 6 00:18:57 AEST 1991

Well, after the success of group buy #1, I'm doing it again.
Some people have expressed interest (I already have a commitment for 2
drives) so I'm posting this formal announcement in the hope I'll find
enough people to be able to buy 5 drives and thus get the quantity

Like in group buy #1, the drives are NEW Priam 519s with 1 year warranty for
$800.00.  They are 5.25" full height, 1224 tracks, 15 heads, 160 Mb formatted,
190 Mb unformatted, 22 ms access time, 17 sectors/track.

For those not aware of hardware technicalities, this is the biggest drive
known to work on the unix pc and a faster equivalent to the Maxtor 2190.
It can be formatted using the Maxtor 2190 entry in the new diagnostics
disk.  Both the P.51 upgrade ($6.00 from Brian Botton and trivial to
install if you're minimally proficient with a soldering iron) and the
WD2010 (plug-in replacement for the existing WD1010) are needed to take
full advantage of it.

Of course, if you're waiting for John's HD2 board or have installed the
ICUS upgrade, this is your chance to use those kits to their full

Shipping is by Federal Express (the supplier won't ship any other way; too
many drives used to get terminally banged up and returned when going through
other shippers) and thus a little expensive.

>From group buy #1 experience, $850 per drive covers everything.  If you're
interested in getting in on this group buy, let me know as soon as possible
by e-mail and then send a certified check or money order to:

	Augustine Cano
	P.O. Box 2382
	Denton TX 76202

I don't have enough money in hand to buy first and then collect, so
personal checks will have to clear first, since the supplier requires
payment by certified check.

Augustine Cano		INTERNET: afc at
			UUCP:     ...!{ernest,egsner}!shibaya!afc

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