Floppy controller based cartridge for 3b1?

DoN Nichols dnichols at ceilidh.beartrack.com
Thu Feb 21 13:17:57 AEST 1991

In article <435 at yonder.UUCP> michael at yonder.UUCP (Michael E. Haws) writes:
>I realize I am very likely showing my ignorance, but nothing
>ventured nothing gained.  Is there any chance that the
>floppy controlled based mini-cartridges (40 mg) would work
>with the 3b1.  I use them at work on a compaq running
>SCO xenix.  The cartridges have to be formatted before use
>just as if they were a floppy.  
>There is probably something obvious as to why this would
>not work (i.e. need different device driver, hardware incompatibilty,
>etc).  Sure would be nice if it did work.

	It might work!  Does anyone have access to one of these and the tape
controller for the 3B1?  I would be willing to try if someone can lend a
drive.  (Or perhaps the pin-out for the drive first, just to check for
design stupidity like putting raw +12V on a pin that the controller thinks
is a ttl input or output.)  I seem to remember one or two pins on the ground
side of the connector being used for something in the floppy tape drive we
have.  The 40MB version may simply use more tracks, or slower tape
speed/denser recording, or perhaps rll :-) ? ?

	If someone does have access to both ends of the question, please try
and post results.

	Good Luck

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