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Jon H. LaBadie jon at jonlab.UUCP
Mon Feb 11 18:01:16 AEST 1991

In article <1991Feb7.232659.1850 at>, dwn at (David Neill-OKCy Mktg 405-278-4007) writes:
> In article <1201 at galaxia.Newport.RI.US> dave at galaxia.Newport.RI.US (David H. Brierley) writes:
> >Please, please, please, would everyone remember not to post any articles to
> >unix-pc.sources anymore.  A large number of sites have either already
> >deleted unix-pc.sources in favor of comp.sources.3b1

Maybe I have a different problem.  I have not received a single posting
to comp.sources.3b1.  I installed both comp.sys.3b1 and comp.sources.3b1
on Jan 28.  comp.sys.3b1 is working as expected, but I've no entries in
either unix-pc.sources or comp.sources.3b1 since that date.

Have I missed interesting/useful postings?

Note, I am a few days down stream, but not two weeks!


Jon LaBadie
{att, princeton, bcr, attmail!auxnj}!jonlab!jon

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