HDB and async_main

j.f.van valkenburg jfv at cbnewsk.att.com
Tue Feb 12 06:23:22 AEST 1991

Greetings to all in netland,

I would like use the UA's phone (no flames please) with HDB. I like HDB and
use it all the time on my 3b2's and want to use it on my 7300. My question is
"How do I use the async_main with it?" I need the vt100 emulation, because s4,
7300,unix-pc isn't known outside AT&T or the loyal followers. 

I have looked at the related messages on OSU and can't find a thing.

Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance,

James F. Van Valkenburg         a.k.a.  "van"
AT&T 				Attmail: !jfv               jfv at cbnewsk.att.com
Atlanta, GA.			Voice  404-873-7920

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