Rip Off from jb Technologies

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Wed Feb 13 08:54:46 AEST 1991


            THESE PEOPLE ARE CROOKS  !!!!!!!

I want to alert the net and maybe keep someone from having the same 
frustrations with the company.

The company is jb technologies in Moorpark, Ca.  On December 15, 1991
I sent them a dead Seagate 4144R as a trade in on a Microscience 1020
they had advertised in Computer Shopper. The Microscience drive was 
supposed to be new, in stock, and ship promptly after my drive arrived. 
This is February 12, 1991, eight and a half weeks later. All I have for 
my old drive is about $30.00 in long distance phone bills trying to find 
out the status of my order. 

So far I have determined that my Seagate was received on December 27,
that the salesperson I placed my order with no longer works there,
and that I've got a problem. I will admit that after placing 6 calls
to customer service I got back one phone call after I was bluntly rude
to the person who answers the phone. No one has bothered to call back since.

My complaint form for the Better Business Bureau came in the mail today.
I plan to call the Computer Shopper vendor complaint line tomorrow after 
I look up their number at home. I will be calling the California Consumer 
Affairs board tomorrow. Like I said I am !!_NOT_!! a satisfied customer. 
I seriously recommend


     DO  !!_NOT_!! BUY  ANYTHING FROM THEM  !!!!

Send your complaints to jb technologies.

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