More floppy disk questions

Charles Tryon bilbo at bisco.kodak.COM
Sun Jan 27 02:57:23 AEST 1991

More on floppy disks!

I have an OLD 1.2Meg 8"  (Yes, that's 8 inch) floppy drive (NEC I think),
and I was wondering if there might be any way to attach this to the 3b1?
I don't have any of the various hardware kits installed (YET!), though I
would like to get the one used to allow more than 8 heads/drive.  I've
always been pretty disgusted with the 5 1/4" drive on the machine and its
low capacity.  If I could get the 8" attached, the only problem would be
finding the DS/DD disks for it!

Also, is there any source of covers with the full height "HD Hump"?  I have a
full height HD in a half height system, with the cover just sort-of sitting
on the top :-P.  I put tape all the way around to keep the cooling working
OK, I don't really trust it, and it looks UGLY.  The monitor is fine, so I
don't really need the entire top.


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