updated KSH for the 3B1

Thomas Lonski tlonski at corvus.cel.scg.hac.com
Sat Jan 26 19:03:34 AEST 1991

Hello all.  I've been a silent reader of the various 3b1/unix-pc newsgroups
(off and on) for the past 3 years.  This site just got the new comp.sys.3b1
newsgroup and I couldn't resist posting a response.  Please pardon any
first-time "net etiquette" blunders.  Hope I didn't waste too much bandwidth
with my compulsion to introduce myself.

KSH-88 is available for the 3B1, believe it or not.  A company by the name
of Aspen Technologies, Inc. paid AT&T's $3,000 price tag for the source code
and they sell the KSH-88 executable for several machines, one of which is
the 3b1.  After getting spoiled on the new version of ksh at work, I broke
down and bought a copy.  It cost me $145 + $5 s/h.  For my money, I got a 5
1/4" floppy and documentation in a three ring binder.  Documentation
consisted of installation/release notes, korn shell intro/overview, man
pages and index which added up to about 75 pages.  (OK, so it's a small 3
ring binder. :-))  I bought my copy in June 1990, so it should still be

I had no problems installing it and have been using it since June.  While I
haven't gotten to do as much as I want with it, I have gotten addicted to
file name completion.  I definitely prefer it over the 3b1's original ksh.

For anyone interested, their address/phone number is:
Aspen Technologies, Inc.
P.O. Box 5727
Parsippany, NJ   07054
(201) 316-0866
(201) 306-5781 (FAX)
The person at Aspen who helped me was Eva Arndt.

As far as I know (and from what I gather from the discussion on the net)
there is no other full implementation of KSH-88 available for the 3b1.  If
I'm wrong and I've wasted my money, please feel free to inform me
(privately).  It's always nice to learn from one's mistakes.

Before I sign off, I'd like to say thanks to those who have contributed to
the unix-pc newsgroups.  I've always been highly impressed with the
technical level of the contributions/discussions.  I'd particularly like to
thank the "unix-pc workhorses" whose efforts have been above and beyond the
call of duty in breathing new life into our orphaned 3b1.  You know who you
are.  I confess that the only names I can remember off the top of my head
are Thad's and Lenny's.

Tom Lonski

P.S.  I've just moved to the Denver area.  If anyone knows of any local 3b1
user's groups, I'd appreciate getting e-mailed any info.

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