AT&T 7300 components and software for sale

steven.r.houser azathoth at
Thu Jan 31 07:30:40 AEST 1991

The floppy drive and hard disk have gone out on my 7300, and since I lack both 
the technical expertise to repair the drives and the money to replace them, I'm 
putting what's left of my system up for sale.  The floppy drive appears to just
be worn out.  I haven't removed the hard disk to look at it, but consensus on
net has been that it's  probably the classic "stiction" problem.  Everything 
else in the box works, including the monitor, power supply, motherboard (1MB),  
keyboard, mouse, etc.  You could repair it or use it as a source of spare parts.

The DOS-73 board is fully functional.  The software listed is on the original
disks.  All prices include shipping.


7300 with 20 meg broken hard disk, 
broken floppy drive, 1 meg on 
motherboard, monitor, mouse, keyboard, etc.	$150.00

DOS-73 board (with software and manuals):	 250.00


UNIX System V ver. 3.51 Foundation Set
(international version, no encryption 
set) with all manuals	  			 
(also includes Asynchronous Terminal
Emulator, GSS-Drivers, Telephone Manager,
etc.)						  75.00

SuperComp 20 spreadsheet (with manual)		  50.00


UNIX PC Service Manual				  15.00
UNIX PC Programmer's Guide (3.5)		  10.00
UNIX PC Virtual Device Interface 
   Programmer's Guide (3.5)			  10.00
UNIX PC System V Users Guide Vol 1 (3.5)	  10.00
UNIX PC System V Users Guide Vol 2 (3.5)	  10.00
UNIX PC Owner's Manual (3.0) (with 2 
   GSS-Drivers disks)    			   5.00
UNIX PC Communications Management		   5.00

Please reply by e-mail or by phone at 614-860-2133.

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