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Wed Jan 30 04:30:03 AEST 1991

In article <24 at chumley.UUCP> bruce at chumley.UUCP (Bruce L. Stewart) writes:
>I'm faced with the prospect of replacing the fan in my 3b1, since it failed
>recently and will not start reliably on power-up.  I've read the FAQ on the
>topic, and know that I can replace the stock fan with a 120 VAC fan from
>Radio Shack.

   I just performed this operation a month ago. It was remarkably easy.
The original fan is in a foam-padded slot and simply slides out and
unplugs. The 120 VAC leads are just a couple inches away, and splicing into
them is no trouble. The new fan slides right into the slot, although you
may have to remove the foam.

   The only problem with all of the above is that the 120 VAC fan is
extremely loud. Unless you have a large place or thick walls, you will
probably be able to hear it anywhere you go. I'd love to stuff mine in a
closet somewhere.

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