AT clone <-rs232-> 3b1 problems

Brian Heess BHeess at
Mon Jun 17 16:45:41 AEST 1991

On <Fri, 14 Jun 91> at about <16:11>, Alex S. Crain says to All:

 ASC>         I've been trying to set up a seial link between my at&t 3b1 and
 ASC> an Everex AT clone (model 18001) and I'm having trouble.

 ASC>   hardware:
 ASC>           at&t 3b1, using the stock serial port
 ASC>           Everex 18001 with no-name serial card at com1 (8250 driver)

How about trying an NS16550AFN in the serial card, or at least some sort of more 
advanced UART than whatever is in may be an early Everex serial board.

I can't guarantee that it'll work, but it's worth a shot.  The serial card may 
be an Everex.  If so, they can be flakey.  I put a the above mentioned UART in 
it, and have NO problems doing the things I do. (19200 to a high speed modem, on 
two different PC's, one being an Everex 386/25 with the EV-170 (replaced the 
socketed chip).

 ASC>           Different serial cards, including an Everex EV-170.



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