smgr keeps dying

Kevin F. Reilly kevinr at support.UUCP
Tue Jun 25 10:30:15 AEST 1991

I've been plagued with the smgr dying on my poor, measly, little-ol'
7300 (0.5MB RAM, 20MB HD, UNIX 3.51).

I leave my machine on (yes...the battery is dead ;-).  Lately I've
been coming back to it at night only to find the status line gone from
the top line of the screen.  Both the phone manager and window manager
are still running (I've still got the W icon and the status of LINE 1:
and LINE 2:).

If I start the smgr by hand as a user, it dies fairly quickly (within
one minute), but if I start smgr as root, it runs a while and then
dies.  (Sometimes for several hours, sometimes longer...)

Have any of you seen this behavior before?

Reply by posting or by email, if I get several responses by mail, I'll
be happy to post a summary.

Thanks in advance to any of you who decide to help.

Kevin F. Reilly		(kevinr at		(708) 990-6291
Hyatt Technical Center, One Tower Lane, Suite 400, Oakbrook Terrace, IL  60181
via UUCP: ...!uunet!support!kevinr

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