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Michael J. Farren farren at
Sat Mar 16 04:27:49 AEST 1991

thad at public.BTR.COM writes:
>I have NO intention of getting rid of any of my 3B1 systems, and, in fact,
>am always on the lookout for more simply because they ARE good.

Oh, yeah?  Wanna buy mine? :-)

>The "Encryption Set" is part of the Foundation Set.  I do NOT know if the
>Foundation Set prior to 3.51 had "vi" in the Encryption Set since 3.51 was
>the release version in 1987 (when I bought my first 3B1).

Might be some confusion here.  First - the versions of vi in the Enhanced
Editors set and the Encryption Set are different - the Encryption Set
version includes, of course, encryption, whereas the Enhanced Editors base
version does not.  Also, the Encryption Set is not necessarily a standard
part of the Foundation Set.  Units sold outside of the U.S., for example,
do not have it.
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