Basic info on 68010 unix PC wanted.

Andy Heffernan ahh at
Mon Mar 11 01:01:41 AEST 1991

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>Please, some kind soul, let us have monthly FAQ posting.
>Thank you, and best regards.
>ths1 at

I know Lenny is up to his eyeballs in work ("How do I get SMIT working!?!?"),
but I'd be willing to take over the Frequently-asked Questions list.
I can't update osu-cis, but I can keep the list up to date (with your
kind contributions, of course) and post monthly.

I'll send Lenny a note and see what we can come up with, or see if
there are any other volunteers.

  Andy Heffernan		$BJ8;z(J		uunet!glyph!ahh

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