Jim Van Horn azar at morpho.UUCP
Tue Mar 12 03:00:58 AEST 1991

I've used csh for some years.  Now I'm getting pretty comfortable
with ksh too.  One thing that I think csh does better is the
"last argument of the previous command" abbreviation (!$ on csh,
$_ on ksh).  I don't know why, but ksh saves the literal "$_" key
sequence in the history file instead of the substitution.
Incredibly dumb.

BTW, anyone tried the new shell on the block, rc?  From what little
I've read about it, it sounds attractive in that it's small and 
compact without losing a lot of functionality.  It's got its own
programming syntax, of course, but I don't write many shell scripts
anyway.  It does save commands in a history file, but there is no
history accessing mechanism.  You get to roll your own or wait for
the myriad packages to appear on the net.
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