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In article <1991Mar8.223519.25569 at daffy.cs.wisc.edu> sparkie at picard.cs.wisc.edu (Mark J. Horn) writes:
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>Simply put - I LOVE ksh.  Anyone that has ever had to write shell scripts
>it knows what I mean, BUT!! csh had the easiest filename completion that I've
>ever tried.  Simply "set filec" then <ESC> would attempt to complete any file
>that you began to type.  Now as far as I know, the way to use filename
>completion in ksh is to use <CTRL-8>.  That has not, to this day, worked...
>Soooo...what am I doing wrong?  I believe I have to ksh that came with the
>FIXDISK_2.0 stuff.  I've heard reports that this ksh sucks.  What's the scoop?
>Will the ksh on the STORE fix my problem?

Yes, the ksh from the STORE area at osu-cis will fix your problem IF you
use EMACS mode (either emacs or gmacs).

Given that I've been using EMACS for over 14 years (originally on my DEC-20s),
that's my preference, and the only real anomaly between emacs mode in ksh and
the emacs editor is the handling of ^T to transpose 2 characters; neither of
the two ksh emacs modes do it correctly (in all versions of ksh I've seen to

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