Two fans on a 3b1 (possible repost)

Brian Rice bri at
Thu Mar 21 09:40:36 AEST 1991

The 3b1 was originally designed with two fans so the answer is a
conditional 'yes'. The condition is this:  That itty-bitty power supply
is under alot of load already (well at boot time anyway) so figuring
that's the fellow that makes my hard drive go chuga-chuga, I'd opt
for a complete external shoebox.  That's the way my systems is set up -
a Maxtor 2190 in a separate shoebox with an additional win:  It also
has its own fuse/power switch.  Can't be to careful, ya know?

Brian Rice      |Unfortunate manager of a Sun Network (NFS=No File System)
Kubota Pacific  |God, if I could just convince these people to buy 3b1's...

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