UNIX(r) PC Repairs

Frank Higgins fgh at polari.UUCP
Wed Mar 6 10:17:38 AEST 1991

In article <1008 at gnosys.svle.ma.us>, gst at gnosys.svle.ma.us (Gary S. Trujillo) writes:
> In <1991Mar1.210914.1606 at cbnewsj.att.com> k2ph at cbnewsj.att.com
> 	(The QRPer) writes:
> > Does anyone know of a good, cheap, reputable place for getting
> > UNIX(r) PCs or UNIX(r) PC components repaired?  I once had the
> > address and phone number for a Small Computer Repair Company.
> > Do they still exist?  If so, anybody have the address and phone
> > number?
Whew! Getting this far with no instructions is success.

Good luck to ASCRC referred to in the article. But, for an alternative
in case it is needed, AT&T still operates a computer repair center
covering all of the computers mentioned (6300, 6300+, 7300/3b1)
                  AT&T Computer Repair Center
                  12802 NE 125th Way
                  Kirkland, WA 98034
Before the "unbundling", it was a Teletype Corp Repr Cntr.

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