Do you use MS-DOS format floppies?

Clarence Dold dold at mitisft.Convergent.COM
Sat Mar 16 02:16:50 AEST 1991

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Subject: Re: Do you use MS-DOS format floppies?

> it at work, it _always_ works.  I have a problem going the other way, though.

This has been noted here also.  From previous scenarios involving Tandy PC
with 360K floopies, I am lead to believe that the quality of the 360K
drive is the culprit.  If you have access to another 360K PC drive, see if
it will interchange properly.  If it does, try substituting that drive
into the 3B1.  I would be interested in the results.

The old drives in the 3B1 seem to give some truth to the statement in the
MSDOS manual that claims 1.2 -> 360 transfers are unreliable.

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