help wrt UUCP between 3B1 OBM and TB

M.R.Murphy mrm at sceard.Sceard.COM
Sun May 5 07:06:05 AEST 1991

I've a friend with a 3B1 using OBM to attempt UUCP connection
to two systems, each with a TB (one TB+, one 2500). The TB+
system is HDB, locked interface speed 9600baud, hardware flow
control. The TB2500 is HDB, locked interface speed 19.2Kbaud,
hardware flow control. The TB systems talk fine with systems
with 1200baud external Hayes clones, as well as with various
2400baud, 9600baud V.32, and PEP sites, and with each other. The
3B1 will not successfully complete a UUCP session with either TB
system. A representative log entry from one of the TB sites is:

   uucp sitename  (5/4-0:55:20,23357,0) OK (startup)
   uucp sitename  (5/4-0:58:50,23357,0) BAD READ (expected 'H' got FAIL)
   uucp sitename  (5/4-0:58:50,23357,0) FAILED (conversation complete)

I've been told that the 3B1 is using 3.51. I thought I'd ask for words
of wisdom before digging to find out what might be going amiss on the
3B1 (a machine I can recognize by sight:-) end. I figure this might be
a common and easily recognizable symptom to folks with experience.

Thanks for any help,
Mike Murphy  mrm at Sceard.COM  ucsd!sceard!mrm  +1 619 598 5874

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