Why HDB?

Tom Tkacik tkacik at kyzyl.mi.org
Wed May 8 12:04:09 AEST 1991

I have grabbed HDB uucp from the osu archives, but have not yet installed it.
I keep wondering if it is worth the trouble.

What do I gain by running HDB?  I have a telebit modem running on tty000.
Everything appears to be running smoothly.

Why should I be using it?
Security?  Uucp security is the least of my security worries.
Ease of management?  I have uucp set up and do not do much any more.
Flexibility?  The stock uucp does what I need.
Uugetty?  Nice, but setgetty works fine, (kludge though it may be).

Am I missing anything?  Or should I just keep running the stock uucp?

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