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>|> [ I'm trying to compile with gcc but as(1) won't assemble teval.s ]
>I compiled perl with gcc, except for eval.c (teval.c), and toke.c (ttoke.c).
>Gcc ran out of virtual memory, so I fell back on cc for those files.
>I did not have a problem with as(1) not being able to assemble any of the
>resulting assembler files.  (Note that teval.c was compiled with cc.)  I do not
>know why you ran into difficulty.
>|> By the way, I did succeed in building perl 4.003 with setuid/setgid
>|> with the stock cc.
>What did you do to solve your problem?  Enquiring minds want to know. :-)

Actually I'm not quite sure but I noticed that perly.fixer ran whereas
before it didn't.  It assumed that my machine was an Interactive 
UNIX.  I've never went and poked around to see what made it run this time
and not before.  Anyway, it compiled without a hitch.  Optimization was
turned on for ALL files (as was -DDEBUGGING).  The perly.fixer allowed for
dynamic stack allocation in yacc(or something like that, I don't remember what
it said exactly.)

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