info on upgrades for 3b1/7300?

Michael Snyder mps at hawkeye.UUCP
Mon May 6 07:57:57 AEST 1991

Well, it only took me 9 months to get my act together and get back on the net.
However, it seems that I lost my info on some upgrades that were being sold for
our trusty little workhorses.

I seem to remember that the posting that I'm looking for is posted about every
six months or so, and included info on the famous "HD2" upgrade (for getting
two of these darling ST-251-1's on my system - don't gasp... the one i have has
worked wonderfully SO FAR :-| ).

Any chance we'll see a repost of this list soon, as i only have 8000 blocks left
and will be looking to improve that SOON?  I am also interested in the extended
diagnostics disk for handling two drives as well.

Look on the bright side... at least I'm not asking "When will someone make a
SCSI controller for these machines?" :-)

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