panic: init died

Peter Young young at
Wed May 1 22:42:19 AEST 1991

I've probably seen this answered, but until it happens to you...

In the midst of doing my semester project (of course) my 3b1 sort of
died.  I tried to list the results of some processing I had done in
the morning after work and it sort of moaned at me every time I
pressed a key, and finally said:

#WD1010 ST=/Seky/Err/  EF=/Id?/ cg=79 sc=8. hd=1. dr#=0. MCRZ:0x0
#WD1010 ST=/Seky/Err/  EF=/Id?/ cg=79 sc=8. hd=1. dr#=0. MCRZ:0x0
panic: init died

After this it would not reboot.  I think I got the dreaded marching
boxes.  About every four or five seconds another box, starting from
the upper left.  It will boot from floppy, but will not read the 67meg
disk for any of the diagnostics.  The culprit is probably overheat, as
the fan wouldn't come up to speed.  The case was not blistered,
though, and the other diagnostics seemed to run ok.

Before I try to reinitialize, can I recover any of my (yet to be
backed up) stuff?  Will I be able to reinit?

The project had to be regenerated in two all nighters at work.  Not
very good or very debugged, but I got to use 'the dog ate my homework'
of the modern age: my computer died.  Don't know yet if he bought it.

Any suggestions will be gladly accepted, at

young at

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