David B. Thomas dt at yenta.alb.nm.us
Thu May 30 05:13:55 AEST 1991

One upon a time on a system far, far away, sleejy at cc.curtin.edu.au wrote:

>	(1) Can the 3b1 support 3*9600 baud Terminals ?
Yes.  It has one internal serial port, and you can add others by plugging in
cards.  The popular "combo" card has sockets for 1.5M of memory and two serial
ports.  With that, your theoretical limit is five sessions (console, 3 serial
terminals, 1 dialin via builtin modem).  With five busy users, performance
would degrade just a little :^)

>	(2) Dos the 73-Dos board allow MS-DOS software to be run
>	simultaneously to the 3b1?
I'll leave this one to someone who has the board, but I believe the answer is
"Yes, it dos."

>	(3) How far can you expand the 3b1's memory?
4M, due to a hardware design flaw.  I think some address lines were left
unused (?)

>	(4) Are there 68020/68030 accelerators available...has anybody
>	tried hacking an Amiga 020 accelorator to work?
So far I've not seen any reports of successful attempts at this, but it's been
discussed repeatedly.  You could be a real hero around here if you succeed!

>	(5) Can I type out my Uni assigments with a word processor
>	that will justify the text.
For a minute, I thought you misspelled "Unix"... then I remembered you're
from Australia!  The 3b1 does not come stock with any word processors, but
the "Text Processing" tools comes with nroff.  at&t did make some other word
processing software for the machine, but it's not widely available (or
particularly good :-/).

>	(6) Is this machine good for learning UNIX?
Yes, Yes, YES!  I would go so far as to say that it's the best overall machine
I've ever encountered for learning unix.  (though it would be nice if it came
with online man pages and the learn(1) command.  owell)
Unix is not your mother.

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