AT&T 3b2 Office Gold Series Software

flinton at flinton at
Wed May 15 13:42:51 AEST 1991

A friend without direct net access offers for sale:

	AT&T OFFICE GOLD Series software for the AT&T 3b2 --
	-- fully integrated software set with all manuals --


  OVERVIEW (front-end / menu / shell to following applications)
  TACTICIAN spreadsheet
  WORD ERA (Fortune Word) word processing (incl. glossaries & record-processing)
  GRAFSMAN (graphics routines)
  HANDSHAKE ITE communications
  MEMOFORUM electronic mail / messaging

Asking $300.-- for the lot, domestic shipping incuded, or best offer + postage.

Repeat: all manuals included.  Contact Alex Cook, +1 203 344 8939, day or night.

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