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Doug Ingraham dpi at loft386.UUCP
Wed Aug 23 11:47:09 AEST 1989

In article <1792 at crdgw1.crd.ge.com>, davidsen at sungod.crd.ge.com (ody) writes:
>   As far as I know every vendor who offers the 2 user version also
> offers the unlimited. Why do people think that there is something wrong
> with having the option of buying something less expensive?
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Its not the less expensive part that bothers me.  Its the idea of selling
something you went out of your way to cripple for less money.  I purchased
an unlimited license so I don't know exactly how it was done.  I would
guess that the crippling is in getty, or login because I understand you
can still have any number of uucp dialouts going.  If it is done in getty
or login, it is easy to get around.  Write your own getty/login replacement.
I suppose this would violate your 2 user license agreement.  It surprises
me that the marketing genius that thought of this didn't come up with a
whole tier of prices based on exactly the number of users allowed on.
$500 base + $50/user.  Extra effort == Lower cost.

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