Interactive X Window System Questions

Tim L. Tucker tucker at twg-ap.UUCP
Fri Aug 18 02:55:09 AEST 1989

I have some product questions about Interactive's X11 software.   I'm
posting this to the net because I haven't been able to get a solid answer
to any of my questions from any of their local distributors.

o What hardware interface cards does it support (besides vanilla VGA) ?
  o Does it support VGA in color or just B&W ?
  o Does it support super VGA resolution (if so which cards) ?
  o Does it support advanced graphics cards like the TI34010 TIGA boards ?
    (i ask because Dell OEMs Interactive and demos X11 on their TIGA)

o Does it follow the AT&T XWIN network interface standard for System V ?

o Must I buy the X11 development package or can I use the MIT library source ?

Our news feed isn't too stable.  If you know the answers to any of these
questions please send me mail even if you post a response.


Tim Tucker
tucker at TWG.COM

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