Need 8 bits in gettydefs or TB

Bob Palowoda palowoda at fiver.UUCP
Sun Aug 20 13:22:59 AEST 1989

>From article <8908190134.AA00094 at>, by paine at (Willy Paine):
> Thank you for Telebit to post message on setting up TB for my ix/386.
> It is getting better but it locks on 19200 bauds and 7 bits when callers
> log in and they have to change to 7 bits from 8 bits.
> I would like to know how to make this autobauds and 8 bits.  I have
> tried to modify /etc/gettydefs for ix/863 (adding CS8) but it gets screw
> up with strange character that I don't know what bauds, bits, stop etc.
> Or maybe change S register for TB to run 8 bits.  This is one line
> example:
> 19200H# B19200 # B19200 SANE IXANY PARENB TAB3 HUPCL #login: #2400H

Here's what I use in my gettydefs:

19200H# B19200 # B19200 CS8 CSTOPB HUCPL IXON IXANY BRKINT ICRNL ISIG ICANON ECHO ECHOK OPOST ONLCR #Welcome to Fiver (To use Bulletin Board type "bbs")\r\nlogin: #19200H

Note: I lock the interface speed from the computer to the modem and let
the modem do the baudrate switching.

> I could not figure out how to add CS8 somewhere.  I tried to add
> #/nSeaeast Exchange BBS/n/n/nlogin:    but it produces strange characters
   It's \n. Please read the Admin manuals and Admin Ref manuals on
   getty, gettydefs, init, and inittab. The only beef I have with
   the manuals is they put the stupied setup for 8bit lines in the
   Programmers Reference as a *warning* note. 

> after entering login and I could not figure it out which bauds or bits
> etc.   

  You can check and set what line options with the 'stty' command after
  you login.

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