386/ix hd configure problem. HELP!

Stan Voket asv at gaboon.UUCP
Mon Aug 28 00:07:43 AEST 1989

Perhaps someone could shed some light on configurating Interactive 
386/ix with a WD1007A-WA2 ESDI controller and a CDC/Imprimis 442 Meg 

The problem:

    Installing 386/ix on Disks/Controllers with more than 1024 Cylinders.

I know I can utilized all 1412 cylinders, it says so in the manual.  I 
"RTFM" but still have a case of "brain lock" here.  

I tried two of the "logical" drive configurations on the WD 
controller.  that seem to make the drive "look" like it has 1023 

I tried several partitioning schemes as is suggested by the manual but 
it was getting very late.  After several lengthly (hours!) attempts I finally 
went with the default: Partition 1, unix, 100%, just to get things up and 
runing.  This used less than half of the drive.  I'd sure like to do 
this right the next time!  

Has anyone used this controller/disk combination?  (or other greater 
than 1024 cylinder disk) If so I'm interesed in how you configured 
things to utilize the entire hard disk for unix.  Any help, 
criticisms, and/or war stories will be greatly appreciated!  

This topic may be of general interest.  Please e-mail any responses 
and I'll post a summary to the net.  

Thanks for taking the time to reply.  

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